Sunday 4 May 2014

How do we continue to photograph our growing children ...

How do we continue to photograph and document our growing children? We change, they change, our relationship changes. Then sometimes, somehow, the parallel paths meet again and something good comes out of it. My younger son has been wearing glasses pretty continuously for the past three years, although he is only mildly short-sighted. The past year be has worn a fashionable, but predominant pair. Now, suddenly and ferociously, he is tired of them and is exploring contact lenses (perhaps just for weekends) and he asked for a portrait of himself to celebrate the lack of glasses. I would have gladly broken my glasses in two if I had had the choice, at the age of 15. I also, I remember, had a fashionable but predominant pair that I grew to hate, but had no choice to go for lenses until I was older so I know how he feels.

It was fun. We agreed we'd missed doing photos together. We made plans to do lots more, when  my new studio gets sorted.  He knows what he wants, as a person-being-photographed; he was confident, and assertive, co-operative and creative. (Are you reading this Callum?).

The first is my favourite, the second is one of a few he chose for his facebook page from which I am now politely, but firmly excluded. (Of course. Because things change).

Callum © Cate McRae 2014

Callum © Cate McRae 2014

All Images © Cate McRae