Saturday 27 June 2009

Oral History and the People's Photography

I am becoming involved in a local Oral History project (funded by the lottery) and hope to help them to archive some of the wonderful photographs that I have seen today at a celebration and publicity event. The organisers had provided tea, homemade cakes, girls dressed as Lyons' 'nippies', many old board games for the children to play and more, but the best for me was seeing some photos brought in by local residents, some of whom have lived in the area all their lives. The photos gradually being collected are taken by local people recording history - whether children playing in the street (some gems worthy of Bert Hardy - I need to find out exactly who the photographer was!), or pictures of devastating bomb damage. For example, one elderly man standing, amongst the destruction, by what remains of his half of the street - his garden shed.
I was there to scan in some photographs that people brought along. This is going to prove an exciting project. More later.
Their website is now up at

Ilford 130th Anniversary Celebration


Ilford/Harman recently ran a call for entries for four images - made with Ilford film and silver gelatin paper - to be chosen to go on a special celebration limited edition box of photo paper, to mark the 130th Anniversary of Ilford. A few weeks ago I learnt that one of my photos, Waiting, was selected by Tim Rudman, who judged the entries.
I'm delighted for one of my pictures to be associated with Ilford in this way. They deserve a huge thank you from those who still use film and traditional darkroom ways of printing, for endeavouring to do all they can to keep traditional photography alive. And thanks are also due to Tim Rudman for taking part in this, and doing so much to encourage and foster the practice and art of traditional black and white printing, toning and lith printing.

Below is a slightly larger version of the print than can be seen in yesterday's press release, from which the top image is taken. The press release can be found in full here


WaitingCate McRae 2009

I also notice from the press release that another of
my submitted entries made it to the shortlist.

Knots ⓒ Cate McRae 2009

A release date for the Anniversary Boxes will be given later in the year.
Also, if you haven't done already done so, check out the website of the Analogue Photographers Users Group, with a membership of over 34,000 it is fast becoming the largest resource for traditional photographers.
Here's to another 130 years !