Sunday 2 September 2007

A splash of colour

Time for some pictures. These are from my trip described in my last post. And warning for traditional lovers (and of course I am one) these are not taken on film. I have all the photographs transferred safely to my computer of course, backed up on another hard drive - but no time yet to process them. I'm beginning to feel that keeping up with the workflow can be just as hard with digital...These are some sketches.

Boy and Red Hot Pokers ⓒ Cate McRae 2007; All Rights Reserved

Cal in the grasses. He was hiding. All I spied was his face, his hair at this time of year bleached from red to gold, the exact colour of the summer grasses.

Found ⓒ Cate McRae 2007; All Rights Reserved

At last some time to myself, to wander around the garden while others are occupied on a sleepy afternoon, in the house. I lifted some low branches to the side of the small shed, and found the umbrella, hanging like some exotic flower, strange and surprising, but almost as if it had always been there...Was it left more recently, by a visitor, one of my brothers, a young nephew, or left there years ago, even by my father perhaps, and never noticed? Long enough for some creature to make it's nest inside it...

More to follow.....

All Images ⓒ All Rights Reserved