Monday 28 April 2014

Author Photograph, Virginia Bergin

Author photograph for Virginia Bergin, with MacMillan.  I was asked to supply a black and white version also. Although I have a huge emotional (and practical) investment in black and white film as a dedicated 'filmy', I'm feeling more happy about creating the digital version, though it's taken a while. There's no doubt of the necessity of doing so, in some circumstances. And there's no doubt I use everything I know and have ever learnt about film and darkroom work in the process! I'm not about to give up using film; it's a question of what works best for different outcomes.

Virginia's first Young Adult novel, The Rain (H2O in the  U.S.) will be published in July by MacMillan Children's Books; it's to be published in the UK, US, Germany, France and Turkey. Congratulations and good luck to Virginia, for The Rain, and also its sequel which she is currently working on to deadline!

Virginia Bergin, author photo © Cate McRae 2014

Virginia Bergin, author photo © Cate McRae 2014

All Images © Cate McRae