Monday 29 September 2014

Personal Histories, International Artist Book Exhibition

I'm very happy that my handmade book, A Garden, is to be part of the Personal Histories International Artist Book Exhibition, coordinated by Robyn Foster. The initial exhibition is in two parts, the first this October at Redland Museum, Cleveland, Queensland, Australia, 12 October-30 November. The second part, which will include my book, will be at Redland Art Gallery 29th March-10 May 2015. A selection of works, including 'A Garden', will be part of a touring exhibition, in Canberra Sept 2015 and hopefully other venues to be confirmed.

There's more, including lists of participants, here.
This website a really great way to get a sense of the exhibition as sadly I won't be able to make the journey to see it all in person! I'm sorry about this as the other exhibits look to be a fantastic, eclectic and interesting mix of artists books.

This is a re-worked, first final copy of my book - the two I made previously now exist in my drawer as proof copies. When it came down to it, I couldn't resist a further edit, which I feel much happier with! I have changed the sequence of the photos slightly, taken out one or two, and added one or two I had previously on the 'maybe' list. I have taken out some of the text. There wasn't very much anyway, but now there is even less. Better to let the photographs speak entirely for themselves. I have also finalised the accompanying protective book box. I will soon have two exhibition copies of the book (currently the one that's going to Australlia is the only one in existence!), and I plan to make another, small edition in 2015.

I'm very grateful to Robyn Foster for all the hard work involved in putting this exhibition together. And so pleased that this story of my mother's Suffolk garden should be seen in the land she also called 'home'.

Some snaps of my book: